Olympics Game 2021: Best Olympic host cities

If you want to learn more about the best cities that hosted the Olympics, continue reading here in Olympics Game 2021. 

  1. London

Before it was chosen to host the Summer Olympics in 2012, London was already the second most visited city in the world. Because no expense was spared to present London to the rest of the world, the Olympic Games held there in 2012 were the most expensive ever. 

Tens of billions of dollars were allotted for a variety of purposes, including events and security. Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace are all iconic landmarks tourists just cannot miss, but the Olympic stadiums and cycling courses offer sightseers a completely fresh take on the city.

  1. Paris

Both the Summer Olympics in 1900 and 1924 were held in Paris. A lot of time has passed since the previous Olympic Games were held in Paris, but it hasn’t stopped the city from being a major tourist destination. Paris is a fantastic place to visit for its many famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Arc de Triomphe. History, art, architecture, and food cater to all preferences. 

  1. Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, and the Olympic Games share an intriguing history. Barcelona was not the bustling tourist destination it is today before it hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics. As a result of being eclipsed by Madrid, the country’s capital, the city’s reputation as a tourist destination had suffered, and several areas had fallen into ruin. 

It wasn’t until 1992 when the organiser was nominated for a presidential award that things started to shift. Barcelona’s hosting of the Olympic Games allowed the city to advance urban improvement plans already in the works. 

The city was reconnected to the ocean with the construction of a new port and adjacent community. Sports arenas, hotels, highways, and the primary airport all had renovations and expansions. Barcelona’s quality of life and tourist appeal both increased after the Olympics.

  1. Los Angeles

United States cities have hosted the Olympics more often than those of any other nation. Eight contemporary Olympic Games, including two Winter Games, have been hosted by the United States. Both the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles, California. 

Los Angeles achieved notoriety as the home of Hollywood and the motion picture industry. Hollywood’s heritage endures in the many local museums and theatres, and of course, the Walk of Fame itself. On ritzy Rodeo Drive, sightseers might even bump into A-listers while window shopping or spending significant cash. 

  1. Sydney

The Olympic Games were critical in establishing Los Angeles as a top-tier travel destination for people all over the world. There is little question that the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour are the most well-known features in the city. In addition to dominating the skyline, the Harbour Bridge also offers daredevils the option to scale all fifty of its tiers via the Bridge Climb. 

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