Olympics Game 2021: Weightlifting in the Olympics

In the true test of strength and control, the weightlifting portion of the Olympics is another crowd favourite. The event features lots of amazing athletes who come from different parts of the world, all showing off their strength and years of training. Only those who are the strongest and most balanced will be able to get a chance to bring home a medal. 

For athletes to prepare for this competition, they have to go through years of training, specifically when it comes to building muscle. On the other hand, they must also work on moving up or maintaining a specific weight class in order to lift as much as they do. 

Whether these are athletes in the United States or in other parts of the world, all of them have worked hard to get to where they are now. Learn more about it in the coming section for your reference: 

Dividing the weight classes 

First up, the organizers of the weightlifting competition have to divide the athletes depending on their weight classes. This is essential because they must all be up for the specific weights that they will lift. In the Olympics, there are seven different weight classes, each of them for female and male categories. See the table below to learn more about it: 

Men Women 
61 kg  (134.5 lbs) 49 kg  (108.0 lbs) 
67 kg  (148.7 lbs) 55 kg  (121.3 lbs) 
73 kg  (160.9 lbs) 59 kg  (130.1 lbs) 
81 kg  (178.6 lbs) 64 kg  (141.1 lbs) 
96 kg  (211.6 lbs) 76 kg  (167.6 lbs) 
109 kg  (240.3 lbs) 87 kg  (191.8 lbs) 
+109 kg  (over 240.3 lbs) +87 kg  (over 191.8 lbs) 


After the weight class has been determined, the lifting process actually begins. This is where all of the athletes will be asked to lift their respective weights in the best form that they can. There is a certain amount of time that they must hold it for, and those who lift the best will be awarded accordingly. 

The scoring process 

Last but not least, all of the athletes will be scored based on their performance. Some of the things that the judges take into account are the snatches, jerk lifts and how clean the overall lifting was. 

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