5 remarkable women who shone at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Every 4 years, athletes gather to the Olympic stage and prove how skilled they all are. With the various competitions held per sport, there is no doubt that there have been several remarkable athletes who have proven themselves well during the recently held 2021 Tokyo Olympics. 

What people love most about the Olympics is that it doesn’t just highlight the athleticism of male athletes but also of women. This way, the entire world can witness that sports are made for everyone and not just for men. The amazing games for women athletes are also a way to prove to the world that women have so much to offer. 

Olympics Game 2021 takes a look back at some of the highlights during the previously concluded event. For those who may have missed it, here are some of the remarkable women who made a mark during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. 

Dalilah Muhammad 

(Track and field – USA)

This amazing woman broke the 400-metre hurdle world record so easily. She has achieved this twice already. Once at the 2019 USA Track and Field (USATF) National Championships and later that year, at the world championships. She is set to return to the Olympic stage as a defending Olympic champion. 

Simone Biles 

(Gymnastics – USA)

Simone Biles is one of the world’s best gymnasts. She’s certainly one of the best athletes at the Olympics and her records prove that. Aside from having several awards to her name, what people admire most about her is her determination to keep going after she got injured. 

Leticia Bufoni 

(Street skateboarding – Brazil) 

Leticia Bufoni is another popular choice among punters and skateboarding fans. Though she may have suffered from injuries prior to the Olympics, she proved how determined she is to prove herself well. She is considered one of the best skateboarders in the world as she holds a record of five X Games gold medals in street to her name. 

Caroline Marks 

(Surfing – USA)

Caroline Marks is the youngest surfer to ever qualify for a world surf league championship tour event at the age of 19. Though she may be young, a lot of people admire her for how she has continuously proven that she can rival those who are older than her and are a little more experienced when it comes to professional competitions. 

Katie Ledecky 

(Freestyle swimming – USA)

Olympic superstar Katie Ledecky holds the record for the most gold medals won by a female swimmer with 15 world championship golds and five Olympic golds under her belt at the age of just 24. She is also the female 400, 800, and 1500 metre freestyle world record holder.

These are just some remarkable women that a lot of people loved seeing at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. By knowing more about them, people can further appreciate how well they work hard to establish their names in their chosen sports. That way, little girls can look up to them as role models who don’t give up even in the face of adversity. 

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